What Is The Legal Status of CBD In Florida?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most controversial products available in the US market. It was banned by most of the states in the past as the legal departments considered it a product that people used to get high. The last few years have brought many changes, including the legal status of CBD in most states across the nation. Florida is one such state where CBD oil was banned in the past, but now hemp-derived CBD oil has been given legal status. That means patients who are prescribed medical marijuana can access CBD oil easily.

When Did The Revolution Began?

Things changed for Florida residents back in 2018 when Hemp Farming Act was passed. It allowed states to establish the necessary framework for cannabis and different products made out of it. The lawmakers in Florida haven’t yet written all the rules that need to be drafted. However, the bulk of them are in place and support the production and selling of industrial hemp.

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